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Art Oil Painting

Also Photo to Oil Painting, and Oil Portraits

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Jack Stand
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I visited a blog today. and a merry merry blog was it, too.

The article, that I read, claimed that sales of city art and street art have been up, contrary to the art-market in general.

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To prove so, statistics were given from an art-auction web's site, by the name of Artnet Auctions.  Although I can't say so for sure, the article had an appearance of a plug for city and street art, and for the particular auction website.

We are not city people, and we are not street people, so, even if the matter was reported truly, I don't know how we can exploit the information for our own art trade.  If you have any idea how it is to be done, then I beg of you, please, leave your suggestion in a comment.  Thank you.

One thin, that was not mentioned in the article, was the Happy Hippo Print Design.

I tried to get an account at the auction site, but they wanted a credit-card-number.  I don't use credit cards.  Had they asked for a pay pal account, I would have been in.  It appeared that it is a free account.